Dr. Stephanie Eichberg

Historian of medicine and science, research associate for the project Neuro-Psychoanalysis and Pain. Neuroscience between the Natural and Cultural Sciences


since 2015 Research Associate, ZfL Berlin, Project: Neuro-Psychoanalysis and Pain

2013–2014 Teaching Fellow, Science and Technology Studies, University College London

2012–2013 Teaching Fellow, Centre for the History of Medicine, University College London

2012 Research Associate, Wellcome Trust Project: 'Sex, Ethics and Psychology: The Networks and Cultural Context of Albert Moll (1862–1939)”, Centre for the History of Medicine and Disease, Durham University

2010 Fixed-term Lectureship (Michaelmas Term) in History and Philosophy of Science, Durham University, Philosophy Department

Extra-curricular activities

2012-2014 Research assistance and translation of original papers for the Tuberculomucin project; joint project of the UCL Centre for Clinical Microbiology (Prof. Timothy D McHugh) and UCL History of Medicine (Dr. Carole Reeves)

2013/2014 Organiser of the annual UCL History of Medicine IBSc field trips to Vienna and Budapest

06/2008 Organiser of the Wellcome Trust funded 5th CHMD workshop Experimental Transactions: Science and the Human- Animal Boundary, Durham University, 24.06.2008 http://www.dur.ac.uk/chmd/news/5thworkshop/report/

2007- 2008 Organiser of the informal History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science and Medicine (HPSSM) Postgraduate Seminar

2003 Translation and editorial work for the student projekt Henry Mayhew, Stadtethnograph. Eine historische Rekonstruktion (Henry Mayhew, Urban Ethnographer. A Historical Reconstruction); supervised by Prof. Rolf Lindner, Humboldt University. Rolf Lindner (Hg.), Die Zivilisierung der urbanen Nomaden: Henry Mayhew, die Armen von London und die Modernisierung der Lebensformen ( LIT Verlag: Münster et 2005).

2002 Internship at the Landesarchiv Berlin



2011 PhD at the Centre for the History of Medicine and Disease (CHMD)/ Philosophy Department, Durham University, funded by the Wolfson Research Institute Thesis: The Human-Animal Boundary: Adding a New Perspective to the Pre- Modern History of the Nervous System, Supervisor: Prof. Andreas-Holger Maehle

2005 Mag. Art. History/ English Studies, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany Dissertation: Vivisection Investigated and Vindicated (1842): A Scientific Assessment of the Vivisection Controversy in Early Victorian Britain, Supervisor: Prof. Sabine Schuelting (English Department)

2004 MA History, funded by the Socrates Scholarship Scheme and the Department of History at Essex University, UK Dissertation: Hidden Minorities: Immigrants in Mayhew’s London Supervisor: Dr. Peter Gurney


Research Interests

History of the Nervous System and the Neurosciences, in particular:

  • History of Pain Research and Culture
  • Brain and Cognition (Mind-Body Problem)
  • Experimental Negotiations of the Human-Animal Boundary



Project-Related Presentations and Events

12.07.2018 (14.15) Die Suche nach dem 'Sinn' des Schmerzes. Von der Neurologie zur Anthropologie (und zurück) [The Search for the 'Sense' of Pain. From Neurology to Anthropology (and back)]. Invited talk at the 'MRG Spaces of Anthropological Knowledge' - colloquium at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (History of the Life Sciences and Philosophical Anthropology)

16.03.2018 (17.30, Keynote) Digital Flesh and Virtual Selves: (Bi-)Locating the Freudian Ego in Cyberspace.  
'Driven by Futures', ISPSO European Regional Meeting, Berlin 16-18 March 2018.

10.11.2017 (11.15) "Cell-deep and world-sized". The challenge of perceiving pain from a humanities point of view. Presentation at the conference "Thermal comfort and pain - are we assessing their dynamics right?", at the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, 09.-10-11.2017.

21.09.2017 (10.15 ) From Metaphor to Molecule. Decoding the Languages of Pain. Presentation at the conference "Making Biological Minds", University of Leeds, UK, 21.-22-09.2017.

21.10.2016 Radio interview at: hr 2 kultur, Sendung Der Tag, Wo tut’s weh? Vom Sinn des Schmerzes (Where does it hurt? On the meaning of pain)

17.05.2016 Schmerzgrenzen und Reizschwellen. Wie kann man Schmerz (er)messen? (Pain thresholds and stimulus limen. How to measure the sensation of pain? ). Presentation at the Berlin Museum for Communication, as part of the exhibition »No pain no game«.

09.05.2016 Radio interview at RBB Kulturradio, Sendung Wissen: Schmerzgrenzen und Reizschwellen. Wie kann man Schmerz (er)messen? (Pain thresholds and stimulus limen. How to measure the sensation of pain?)

04.01.-08.01. 2016 Workshop on Pain & Living Conditions with Dominique Lämmli und artists from Hong Kong as part of the Artist-in-Residence cooperation between the ZfL (Project Neuro-Psychoanalyse) and Zurich's University of Arts (04.01.-07.02.2016)

02.10.2015 "The Jukebox" Mind the Body/Brain, Dance performance by Esther Maria Häusler, as part of the Artist-in-Residence coperation between the ZfL (Project Neuro-Psychoanalyse) and Zurich's University of Arts ( 2015)
Radiobeitrag: Körper und Geist. Neurowissenschaften zwischen Natur- und Kulturwissenschaft. Von Elisabeth Nehring, in: Deutschlandradio Kultur, Sendung Sein und Streit vom 04.10.2015

Other ZfL Presentations

11.07.2017 Schockbilder und subversive Reklame. Werbekampagnen der anderen Art (Shocking images and subversive advertisements. Ad-campaigns of a different kind). Talk at the Museum for Communication, Berlin, as part of the exhibition "Touched-Tempted. Advertising campaigns that made history".

08.07. 2016 Der Arzt (1759–1764). Lebenswissen zwischen Medizin und Weltweisheit at the Workshop "Das Wissen vom Leben in der Vormoderne. Formen des Lebenswissens vor seiner Disziplinarität", ZfL Berlin


WS 2017/18  Schmerz in Kunst, Kultur und kognitiven Wissenschaften (Pain in Art, Culture and Cognitive Science). Seminar des Studium Generale at the UdK, Berlin.