Professor Eka Tchkoidze


  • Professor for history at the Ilia State University Tblisi since 2008
  • Promotion with a study of byzantine trough georgian sources (Chronics and hagiographic texts from 9th to 11th century)
  • Studies in georgian and modern greek languages and literature at the State University Tbilisi and medieval studies at the University Ioannina (Greece)


  • ZfL Berlin (2013)
  • National and Kapodistrias University Athens (2012–2013)
  • Granada (2011)
  • Princeton University (2007–2008)

Research Interests

  • georgian hagiography as a source of byzantine history
  • byzantine and georgian hagiography
  • history of religion
  • medieaval science (Byzantium – Georgia)



  • Ένας Γεωργιανός Προσκυνητής στο Βυζαντινό Κόσμο του 9ου αιώνα (Βίος του Ιλαρίωνος του Γεωργιανού) [Georgian pilgrimage in the Byzantine world of the 9th century (The life of Hilarion the Georgian)]
  • Ideological parameters of both Georgian and Greek versions of the Life of John and Efthymios (in Georgian and English), in: Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference »Byzantine Studies in Georgia 3«, Tbilissi 2011, 763–770
  • The notion of ›Chosen People‹ in Georgian Hagiography (in Georgian), in: Kadmos. Zeitschrift für Geisteswissenschaften 2 (2010), 5–24
  • Like greek loanwords became technical terms (Contribution to the Studies of ecclesiastical terminology (in Greek), in: Greek language and terminology. Contributions of the 7th conference, Athens 2009, 363–371
  • An Interpretation of Miracles of the Georgian ›Life George the Athonite‹ (11th Century) (in Georgian), in: Studies in Christian Archeology 2 (2009), Ilia State University. National Center of Manuscripts of Georgia, 582–609