Research Practices and Styles

While the three research areas, History of Theory, World Literature, and Knowledge of Life, comprise long-term projects, this fourth area gives our researchers a chance to reflect on practical issues in our in-house laboratory. On an annual basis, researchers select an academic practice, analytic method, or publishing format relevant to current or historical developments in the fields of literary and cultural studies. They might decide to investigate traditional formats such as exhibitions and collected volumes, or newer ones like blogs, the Zettelkasten, big data analysis, or other possibilities made available by the growing field of digital humanities. The lab work itself might take on practical or unconventional forms, or it might remain more theoretical and traditional. The outcome is open. Our work in this area allows us to capitalize on one of our strengths as an independent research institution: Here researchers are invited to question their practices and »thought styles« (Fleck) and to carefully observe themselves as agents of scholarship and knowledge.
In the Summer Semester 2016 and Winter Semester 2016/2017, one group worked on »Blogging Humanities« (coordination: Dirk Naguschewski) and a second on »The Cult of Things« (coordination: Margarete Vöhringer).
In the Summer Semester 2017 and Winter Semester 2017/2018, a new group will address »Digital Humanities« (coordination: Daniel Weidner).

Detailed information on the working groups