Discussion and journal presentation
26 Apr 2021 · 6.30 pm

Arbeit und Literatur

Venue: online via Zoom

An event organized by the Förderverein für Forschungen zur Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung e.V. [Association for the Promotion of Research on the Labour Movement]

Discussion and presentation of the focus issue Arbeit und Literatur [Work and Literature] (May 2020) of the journal Arbeit – Bewegung – Geschichte: Zeitschrift für historische Studien with the authors:

Anke Stelling (novelist): Her novel “Schäfchen im Trockenen” was awarded the prize of the Leipzig Book Fair in 2019. In it, she portrays the left-wing liberal metropolitan bourgeoisie caught between the desire for home ownership and political demands.

Patrick Eiden-Offe (literary scholar): His book Die Poesie der Klasse [The Poetry of Class] (2017) sheds light on the emergence of class consciousness through literature beginning in the Vormärz periods. It also asks what we lack today to create class consciousness “from below.”

Pierre-Héli Monot (literary scholar): He criticizes the distorted image of the working class presented to us in the contributions of, for example, Didier Eribon and Edouard Louis, and which gives rise to the image of workers as exotic others.

Moderated by David Bebnowski.


The event will take place online. On the day of the event, the participation link (Zoom) will be posted on the event page and on the Arbeit Bewegung Geschichte Facebook page. Registration is not required.