15 Sep 2021 · 12.30 pm

Falko Schmieder: Positivismusstreit

Venue: Universidad de Salamanca
Research project(s): The 20th Century in Basic Concepts

Lecture at the conference “Conceptos en disputa, disputas sobre conceptos / Concetti in discussione, discussioni circa concetti / Umstrittige Begriffe, Streite über Begriffe” organized by the research groups “Historia Conceptual y Crítica de la Modernidad” at the Universitat de València and “Historia de la Filosofía y Ontología Crítica” at the Universidad de Salamanca, 13.–15. Sep 2021

The cultural theorist Falko Schmieder is a research associate for the project The 20th Century in Basic Concepts. A Dictionary of Socio-Political and Cultural Semantics in Germany at the ZfL.


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