25 May 2023 – 26 May 2023

Filosofia e Marxismo nel giovane Lukács. 100 anni di »Geschichte und Klassenbewusstsein«

Venue: Università di Padova
Organized by Mauro Farnesi Camellone, Giacomo Gambaro, Gaetano Rametta (alle Universitá di Padova), Falko Schmieder (ZfL)

A hundred years ago, two books were published which are considered the starting point of Western Marxism: Georg Lukács’ History and Class Consciousness and Karl Korsch’s Marxism and Philosophy. The conference will rediscuss these texts with special attention to the following aspects:

  1. The history of Western Marxism, from both a philosophical and a political perspective and with regard to the history of 20th century philosophy and social sciences.
  2. The importance of History and Class Consciousness for the development of Lukács’ philosophical thought.
  3. The importance of Lukács and Korsch for Western Marxism and their potentials for a critical understanding of contemporary culture and society.


Thursday, 25 May 2023
Palazzo Liviano – Sala Diano
Moderation: Gaetano Rametta (Università di Padova)

3.45 pm

  • Opening

4.00 pm

  • Rüdiger Dannemann (president of the International Georg-Lukács-Society): Georg Lukács’ Projekt eines Instituts für historischen Materialismus in 1919 und 1923

5.15 pm

  • Mario Piccini (Università di Padova): Lukács e il diritto
  • Patrick Eiden-Offe (ZfL): Lukács and the Dutch-German Communist Left (Korsch, Pannekoek, Rühle)


Friday, 26 May 2023
Palazzo del Capitanio – Sala delle Edicole
Moderation: Luca Basso (Università di Padova)

9.00 am

  • Gaetano Rametta (Università di Padova): Modality and Actuality: Lukács and Hegel
  • Bruno Karsenti (EHESS – Paris): Sociologia e totalizzazione, un problema politico. Lukács in discusione

11.15 am

  • Mauro Farnesi Camellone (Università di Padova): Utopia and Class Consciousness. Lukács and Bloch
  • Falko Schmieder (ZfL): Die Bedeutung und Neuaneignung des Marxschen Fetischbegriffs durch Lukács und Korsch für den Westlichen Marxismus

3.30 pm

  • Konstantino Kavoulakos (Aristoteles-Universität Thessaloniki): Lukács’s theory of reification and its Neokantian background

4.45 pm

  • Giacomo Gambaro (Università di Padova): Lukács e Gramsci tra filosofia e marxismo
  • Giorgio Cesarale (Università di Venezia): Production, Reproduction, Crisis: Reinterpreting History and Class Consciousness Today
  • General discussion and closure