Workshop at the vDHd 2021
23 Mar 2021 · 9.00 am

Glossar der Begriffe: Ein kollaboratives Schreibexperiment der AG Digital Humanities Theorie

Venue: online via Zoom
Contact: Rabea Kleymann (, Jonathan D. Geiger (

In the Digital Humanities, the first attempts at interdisciplinary conceptual work can already be observed. Conceived as a “big tent” or “expanded field,” the heterogeneity of Digital Humanities is reflected, among other things, in the varying meanings of concepts. It is not only semantic enrichments and reinterpretations that take place in this context. Moreover, an exchange about conceptual structures in collaborative research projects also provides a productive communication framework.

In its long-term project, the DHd working group Digital Humanities Theorie is working on a theory-oriented glossary for the Digital Humanities in the German-speaking world. Conceptual work holds a promising perspective regarding the question of the conditions of theory formation in the Digital Humanities. Therefore, at this year’s vDHd, the workshop “Glossar der Begriffe: Ein kollaboratives Schreibexperiment der AG Digital Humanities Theorie” will take place. In addition to open discussion sessions and practical writing phases, two expert presentations by Linda Freyberg (FH Potsdam) and Christian Vater (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) will provide insight into concrete research projects in the field of conceptual theory.

Registration is possible within 19 Mar 2021 with Rabea Kleymann ( or Jonathan D. Geiger (


The Germanist Rabea Kleymann is a research associate with the project Composting. Material Cycles and Reusability in Biology, Literature and Technology.




Hot Pen 1


Expert lectures and discussion


Hot Pen 2 and presentation of results in plenum

Final discussion