5th Berkeley-Yale-Cologne Summer School
19 Jul 2021 – 23 Jul 2021

“I would prefer not to.” – Negation, Verweigerung, Verzögerung

Venue: Universität zu Köln

5th Berkeley-Yale-Cologne Summer School “Aesthetic Possibilities: Literature, Rhetoric, Philosophy”: “‘I would prefer not to.’ – Negation, Verweigerung, Verzögerung” seminars conducted by Rüdiger Campe (Yale), Eva Geulen (Berlin), Torsten Hahn (Cologne), Niklaus Largier (Berkeley), Anja Lemke (Cologne), and Nicolas Pethes (Cologne)

For more information on the summer school and application process see https://am-forschungspreis.phil-fak.uni-koeln.de/summer-school/thema-2021.

The literary scholar Eva Geulen is the Director of the ZfL, executive board member of the Centers for Advanced Studies in the Humanities Berlin, and Professor for European Culture and the History of Knowledge at the Institute for Cultural History and Theory of the Humboldt University of Berlin.