Project presentation
02 Nov 2018 · 11.40 am

Knowledge of Facial Expressions: Interdisciplinary, Practice-oriented, Experimental

Venue: Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften (BBAW), Markgrafenstr. 38, 10117 Berlin

Presentation of the Project The Epistemic Reverse Side of Instrumental Images on the final conference of the Cluster of Excellence Image Knowledge Gestaltung. An Interdisciplinary Laboratory
with Martin Grewe, Lisa Schreiber, Moritz Wehrmann, Sigrid Weigel

The talk will outline three aspects of the project that simultaneously present different dimensions of knowledge on facial expressions.

Interdisciplinary: From the perspective of computer science and media and cultural studies, it will examine how our findings and approaches to the object of study changed as a result of our collaborative work in the project.

Practice-oriented: The Mimik-Atlas platform will be presented as an advanced form of science and research communication that makes critical knowledge about the epistemic as well as image and media historical implications accessible to users of emotional software and facial codes.

Experimental: The Mimik-Explorer and the installation Face to Face – Interface will be presented as experimental, game-based forms of testing and deconstructing facial emotional codes.



Since 2012, more than 40 different disciplines of the humanities, natural and technical sciences, medicine and, for the first time, design and architecture have been researching at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in the Cluster of Excellence Image Knowledge Gestaltung. An interdisciplinary laboratory fundamental design processes of the sciences. At the final conference, scientists from the Interdisciplinary Laboratory will present results from six years of cluster research and provide insights into the diverse research activities of more than 30 projects in interactive project presentations.