Livestream: Reading and Talk
28 May 2020 · 6.30 pm

Partner oder Polizei? Über die Zukunft des Zusammenlebens mit Hubots

Reading and Talk with: Emma Braslavsky (Author) und Rainer Mühlhoff (Philosopher, Mathematician, Programmer, TU Berlin)
Moderation: Hanna Hamel (ZfL)
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In her science fiction novel Die Nacht war bleich, die Lichter blinkten (2019) Emma Braslavsky describes a dystopian Berlin of the future: humans have partner hubots made to measure while they are under police surveillance by other anthropomorphic computing units. After a reading from her book, she discusses with Rainer Mühlhoff (TU Berlin) and Hanna Hamel (ZfL) about neighbourhood and living together with intelligent machines.


On Facebook you can discuss with Emma Braslavsky and Rainer Mühlhoff by using the comment function. On Twitter please use the hashtag #partneroderpolizei to join the talk.

In cooperation of the Museum für Kommunikation Berlin and Neighborhood in Contemporary Berlin Literature, Project of the Leibniz Center for Literary and Cultural Research

in the event series “Freund oder Feind?” in the context of the exhibition Like you! Freundschaft digital & analog (27 Sep 2019–05 Jul 2020) at the Museum for Communication Berlin

In German.


Fig. above: © Noam Braslavsky