Seminar organized by Ulrich Plass and Dania Hückmann
18 Mar 2016 – 20 Mar 2016

Utopias, Dystopias, and the Work of the Imagination

Venue: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138, (USA), Sever 105


Seminar conception, organization, and lecture at the Annual Meeting of American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA), Seminar: Utopias, Dystopias, and the Work of the Imagination (18.-20.03.2016)

Friday, March 18, 2016 Stream A (8.30am–10.15am)

  • Eirene Visvardi (Wesleyan University): On the Verge of Utopia. Dystopia, Hope, and the Reasoned Passions
  • Matthew Hadley (University of Minnesota): Wells's »Stubborn Beast Flesh«. The Laboratory and Utopia in »The Island of Dr. Moreau«
  • Elisabetta Di Minico (Universitat de Barcelona): Feminine Bodies in Fictional and Historical Dystopias
  • Nitzan Lebovic (Lehigh University): The Destruction of the City. The Biopolitical Film and the Utopian-Dystopian Axis

Saturday, March 19, 2016 Stream A (8.30am–10.15am)

  • Kristina Mendicino (Brown University): Stellar Models. Benjamin and Scheerbart
  • Dania Hückmann (Harvard University): Jean Améry – Ressentiment and Utopian Time
  • Sze Wei Ang (University of Hong Kong): Utopia and Race
  • Elisabeth Weber (University of California, Santa Barbara): Common Places, »Killboxes.« Living Together in the Age of Drones

Sunday, March 20, 2016 Stream A (8.30am–10.15am)

  • Kimberly Coates (Stony Brook University): Feminism is Humanism. How Monique Wittig's »Les Guérillères« Ends Feminist Utopias
  • Ulrich Plass (Berlin Center for Literary and Cultural Research): Dystopian Totalities. Herbert Marcuse's »One-Dimensional Man« and the Contemporary Novel
  • Juan Torbidoni (Harvard University): Precision and Wholeness. »The Man Without Qualities« and the Utopia of Exact Living
  • J. DeLeon (New York University): »Utopia and Hubris In One«. Queer Manifestos In Theory/As Praxis

Ulrich Plass is working in ZfL-Project Representing Time in Capitalist Realism in Contemporary German and English Literature, funded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.