“Baustelle Kosmos”
Radio documentation on Stanisław Lem with Matthias Schwartz

WDR 3 feature with Matthias Schwartz on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Stanisław Lem, author: Sven Ahnert, 31 Jul 2021

With an audience of millions worldwide, Stanisław Lem is Poland’s most popular 20th century writer. Space pilot Pirx’s absurd adventures and Ijon Tichy’s galactic missions found as many readers as his great cosmo-philosophical novels. Born on September 12th, 1921 in Lviv, Lem always found science fiction to be far more than just a trivial genre of literature. In his books, essays, and papers, he reflected on cybernetics and the philosophy of science. And yet, throughout his life, he was denied any credit for his work. His main work, a fundamental theory situated at the very limits of the imaginable, remains almost unknown to this day. So are the biographical references of his cosmic ‘principle of catastrophe,’ developed in his work The World as Holocaust.

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