“‘The Jukebox’ – Mind the Body Brain”
Video of the performance by Esther Maria Häusler

As part of the Artist in Residence cooperation with the Zurich University of the Arts, the dancer and choreographer Esther Maria Häusler was a guest at the ZfL in May 2015. During her stay, she developed the performance “The Jukebox” – Mind the Body Brain in collaboration with Stephanie Eichberg from the research project Neuro-Psychoanalysis and Pain. Neurosciences between Natural Sciences and Cultural Studies.

The Jukebox. Mind the Body Brain from Z+ on Vimeo.

Video: Z+
Performance: Esther Maria Häusler (Zurich)
Camera: Karsten Ruschhaupt (Berlin)
Editing: Chris Saner (Zurich)
Concept and dramaturgical support: Marie Rodewald (Berlin)


Video: © Z+

»The Jukebox« – Mind the Body Brain

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