“The Stalingrad Myth. Russian-German Comparative Perspectives”
Interviews and keynote lecture by Nina Tumarkin

Report by Alexander Ananyev from the conference “The Stalingrad Myth. Russian-German Comparative Perspectives” [Миф о Сталинградской битве. Российско-германские сравнительные перспективы] at the German-Russian Museum Berlin-Karlshorst, 07–09 Nov 2019

Including interviews with Robert Chandler (London), Ivan Kurilla (European University St. Petersburg), Matthias Schwartz (ZfL), Franziska Thun-Hohenstein (ZfL), and Nina Tumarkin (Wellesley College) [Russian] and the keynote lecture by Nina Tumarkin: “What Has Happened to Russian War Memory and the Myth of Iconic Stalingrad?” [English].

Video: © Alexander Ananyev


The Stalingrad Myth. Russian-German Comparative Perspectives

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