02 Jun 2022

Excellent family consciousness: ZfL receives the audit workandfamily (berufundfamilie) certificate

In 2022, for the first time, the ZfL receives the audit workandfamily (berufundfamilie) certificate for the strategic design of its family and life-conscious personnel policy. The certificate, which is considered a quality label for a company’s or institution’s compatibility policy, is issued by the curatorium of the berufundfamilie Service GmbH. The certification requires a successful completion of an auditing process which determines the family and life-conscious policies already on offer and systematically develops the institution’s individual potential.

In the course of the ZfL audit, not only strategic goals, but also specific measures were defined, which are recorded in a target agreement. Now, these goals and measures have to be realized over the course of the certificate’s three-year period. This practical implementation will be yearly examined by the berufundfamilie Service GmbH.

The already existing measures on the compatibility of work, family, and private life at the ZfL include, among others, flexible working hours, the specific support of women in areas in which they are underrepresented as well as the ZfL’s mission statement on gender equality in the ZfL equality concept (in German). The measures the ZfL will be working on in the future include an orientation framework for a new normal in flexible and mobile work after Covid, target-group-specific opportunities for exchange as well as a service for families that offers information and support to employees caring for children and family members.



Information on Gender Equality and Diversity at the ZfL