30 Nov 2018

General Assembly of the Leibniz Association confirms the admission of the ZfL as of 01 Jan 2019

The Center for Literary and Cultural Research will become the 94th member of the Leibniz Association on 1 January 2019. This was decided on Thursday, 29 November, at the 24th Annual Meeting of the Leibniz Association by its General Assembly. Thus, a process lasting several years has reached its desired goal. Within the Leibniz Association, the ZfL is part of »Section A - Humanities and Educational Research«. With its research in literature and cultural studies, it supplements not only educational research but also linguistic and historical expertise.

After having convinced the expert groups of the Leibniz Association and the German Council of Science and Humanities of the quality and social relevance of our work, and following the decision of the Joint Science Conference (GWK) from 13 April 2018, we are now looking forward to the cooperation with the other institutes of the Leibniz Association. We are grateful to all the people and institutions who have supported us over the past years.