Katrin Solhdju

Die Versuchung des Wissens
Vorschläge für einen gemeinschaftlichen Umgang mit prädiktiver Gen-Diagnostik
[The temptation of knowledge. Proposals for a communal handling of predictive genetic diagnostics]

transcript, Bielefeld 2018, 140 pages
ISBN 978-3-8376-4130-1

“It will become unbearable!”—Medical assessments on the basis of predictive genetic testing are a modern form of the curse—with relentlessly definite consequences. Starting from the case of Alice Rivières whose test on Chorea Huntington turned out positive, Katrin Solhdju demonstrates the dangers in dealing with an existentially threatful form of future knowledge: how can we face such violence in a reflected manner? Where can we find conceptual, epistemological, or imaginative elements in order to counteract effectively? And what are the ‘ecological’ requirements for an artistic and non-violent handling of these modern versions of foreknowledge?

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