Reinhard Blänkner, Falko Schmieder, Christian Voller, Jannis Wagner (ed./eds.)

Geschichtsphilosophie nach der Geschichtsphilosophie?
Perspektiven der Kulturgeschichte im Ausgang von Heinz Dieter Kittsteiner
[A Philosophy of History After the Philosophy of History? Perspectives in Cultural History on the basis of Heinz Dieter Kittsteiner]

transcript, Bielefeld 2021, 346 pages
ISBN 978-3-8376-4196-7 (Print); 978-3-8394-4196-1 (PDF)

Within the science of history, the philosophy of history has a bad reputation. Teleological figures of thought as well as speculative assumptions of progress have proven to be obsolete. However, this justified criticism has also suppressed all the questions that the speculative philosophy of history was trying to answer.

Heinz Dieter Kittsteiner (1942–2008) attempted to close the gap and bring together the science and the philosophy of history by writing a cultural history based on historic-philosophical questions. His project was a German history in the stages of Modernity in which he traced the fear of a history perceived as unavailable. The articles in this volume expand upon Kittsteiner’s ideas, reconstruct his ways of thought, and lead new discussions on perspectives in cultural history.

Media Response

21 Dec 2021
Die unverfügbare Geschichte

Review by Jens Grandt, in: Neues Deutschland, 21 Dec 2021