Sigrid Weigel

Grammatologie der Bilder
[Grammatology of Images]

suhrkamp taschenbuch wissenschaft vol. 1889
Suhrkamp, Berlin 2015, 487 pages
ISBN 978-3-518-29489-5 (Print); 978-3-518-74146-7 (E-Book)

Sigrid Weigel analyzes the forms of image transfer between science, religion, art, and theory. This also includes what comes “before the image,” the knowledge of images on the threshold between traces and iconic images—between the inaccessible and the depiction, material and figure, data and schemes, between ephemeral images and text. The focus is on moments and processes of emergence, such as the emergence of lines on a page, of neuronal indicators in the digital image, of affects on the face, of the transcendent in the painting or of findings in theory. Correspondences between current images that stand beyond art and image practices preceding art history come into view. It thus becomes evident in what way the pre-modern image practices of worship and degradation experience a resurgence in places where the iconographic controversy takes place today.


Further edition:

Grammatology of Images. Transl. by Chadwick T. Smith. Fordham 2022

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