Translated from Serbian and edited by Tatjana Petzer

Isidora Sekulić: Briefe aus Norwegen
Ausgewählte Texte aus den Jahren 1913 bis 1951
[Isidora Sekulić: Letters from Norway. Selected texts written between 1913 and 1951]

Friedenauer Presse, Berlin 2019, 136 pages
ISBN 978-3-932109-96-6

In the fall of 1913, Isidora Sekulić travels across Norway. The young author seeks to be enchanted by nature: by the steep fjords, the endless fjells, the majestic silence and the lights of the north. Next to hospitality and conviviality, she experiences the melancholy and loneliness found in the faraway corners of the country and gets to know the nature of Norwegian culture and society. What particularly impresses Isidora Sekulić is the natural acceptance of single women as members of society—something which she sorely misses in Serbia, her home country.

For the first time, this edition, which was published by the Friedenauer Presse, makes the author, Serbian intellectual and passionate traveler of Europe known to a broader audience.

Woodcut: Christian Thanhäuser
Cover design: Pauline Altmann



See also:

     Tatjana Petzer, Angela Richter (Hg.)
“Isochimenen.” Kultur und Raum im Werk von Isidora Sekulić
Die Welt der Slaven: Sammelbände/Sborniki Bd.45
Otto Sagner, München 2012



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Die erste Europäerin der serbischen Kultur. Zum 50. Todestag von Isidora Sekulić (1877-1958)

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