Miranda Jakiša, Andreas Pflitsch (ed./eds.)

Jugoslawien – Libanon
Verhandlungen von Zugehörigkeit in den Künsten fragmentierter Kulturen
[Yugoslavia – Lebanon. Debates of belongig in the arts of fragmented cultures.]

LiteraturForschung vol. 11, TopographieForschung vol. 3
Kulturverlag Kadmos, Berlin 2012, 342 pages
ISBN 978-3-86599-149-2

The terms “Balkanization” and “Second Beirut” also stand for (war) sites that can be interchanged with one another, which, like Yugoslavia and Lebanon, can be read as conglomerates of manifoldly defined forms of belonging and which have found their continuation in intensive and often artistic attempts to consolidate fragmented cultures. This volume examines examples from literature, film, performative arts and music from contemporary (post-)Yugoslavian and Lebanese allegiances and their simultaneous questioning. The focus is also on new and rediscovered common reference values such as the Ottoman Empire and communism, as well as shared possibilities of intervention, ranging from topographical and political to performative objections.

With contributions from Monique Bellan, Jan Dutoit, Lotte Fasshauer, Miranda Jakiša, Anne Cornelia Kenneweg, Katja Kobolt, Matthias Meindl, Riccardo Nicolosi, Tatjana Petzer, Andreas Pflitsch, Boris Previšić, Manfred Sing, Peter Stankovič, Zoran Terzić, Ines Weinrich, Miriam Younes, and Tanja Zimmermann.