Li Anna Töppe

Konstruktion – Erweiterung – Rekonstruktion
Verfahren der plastischen Chirurgie und Prothetik in der künstlerischen Praxis des 20. Jahrhunderts
[Construction - Enhancement - Reconstruction. Methods of plastic surgery and prosthetics in the practice of art in the 20th century]

Li Töppe, Berlin 2016, 260 pages
ISBN 9783741870217

Cutting, cutting out, joining pieces together; to connect different materials with one another, to design, build and construct bodies. These processes are part of the work of both the artist as well as the plastic surgeon and prosthetist. The idea, that a body-forming aspect constitutes the artistic as well as the medical disciplines is the basis of the present research. Against the background of this common ground this dissertation examines how, with which aims and with which outcome the practices of plastic surgery and prosthetics are transferred into the working process of artists.