Arne Stollberg, Stephan Ahrens, Jörg Königsdorf, Stefan Willer (ed./eds.)

Oper und Film
Geschichten einer Beziehung
[Opera and Film. Histories of a Relation]

edition text+kritik, München 2019, 254 pages
ISBN: 978-3-86916-707-7

Since its beginnings, cinema has been in productive competition with opera. Giacomo Puccini and Richard Strauss reacted artistically to the new mass medium of cinema, which in turn directly tied in with the aesthetics and pathos formulas of the great opera stage.

This fruitful interplay continues to this day through newer genres such as television opera, but also through the increasing use of cinematic means on the opera stage by directors. It seems particularly striking in the person of Erich Wolfgang Korngold, who was not only one of the most celebrated opera composers of the 1920s, but also wrote Hollywood history as the "father of film music". The new production of Korngold's opera "Das Wunder der Heliane" at the Deutsche Oper Berlin in March 2018 therefore gave rise to a symposium in which the complex liaison between opera and film in its various facets was illuminated with lectures and discussions as well as a panel discussion.
The volume brings together historical case studies, but also thematizes the "opera-like" of cinema and the "cinematic" of opera as general phenomena and links them with insights into practice: with today's opera direction on the one hand and with the aesthetic specifics of filming stage productions on the other, specifically related to the recording of the Berlin "Heliane" production for DVD (published in 2019).

The volume contains contributions by Norbert Abels, Stephan Ahrens, Immacolata Amodeo, Paul-Georg Dittrich, Uta Felten, Götz Filenius, Uwe Friedrich, Jörg Königsdorf, Volker Mertens, Panja Mücke, Janina Müller, Dirk Naguschewski, David Roesner, Volker Schlöndorff and Arne Stollberg.


Veranstaltungsreihe mit Oper, Symposion und begleitender Filmreihe
09 Mar 2018 – 11 Mar 2018

Oper und Film

Deutsche Oper Berlin, Bismarckstraße 35, 10627 Berlin, Foyer

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