Video screening in the presence of the director with discussion
03.09.2014 · 16.00 Uhr

Field Visits for Chelsea Manning. A film-travelogue by Lance Wakeling

Ort: ZfL, Schützenstr. 18, 10117 Berlin, 3. Et., Trajekte-Tagungsraum
Kontakt: Stefan Willer
ZfL-Projekt(e): Sicherheit und Zukunft


  • Video screening in the presence of the director Lance Wakeling (45 min)
  • Discussion

Field Visits for Chelsea Manning (Excerpts from the video) is a first-person travelogue based on the places where Manning, the former Army intelligence analyst, was detained. The video takes place in Kuwait, Virginia, Kansas, and Maryland. Using the concept of mosaic theory — an American intelligence-gathering technique, which employs the collection of disparate pieces of information in order to craft a larger picture or narrative — the video compiles a personal and imagined geography of the areas surrounding Manning's geo-detention sites. Instead of directly addressing the fate of Manning after the release of classified documents to Wikileaks, the narrative visits a series of serendipitous collisions between the filmmaker and current events, such as a Civil War reenactment, a barbershop quartet dressed as prisoners, and drinking coffee in a business park for national security contractors.

Lance Wakeling is a Sculptor, Image Maker, and Editor of Private Circulation (a pdf-bulletin).