Photo of a total solar eclipse from July 18, 1860 by Warren De la Rue. The upper half of the sun can be seen.
Max Czollek and Sasha Salzmann in conversation
17 Jul 2024 · 5.00 pm

Contemporary Society and Aesthetic Practice

Venue: Leibniz-Zentrum für Literatur- und Kulturforschung, Eberhard-Lämmert-Saal, entrance Meierottostr. 8, 10719 Berlin

Max Czollek and Sasha Salzmann in conversation, moderator: René Aguigah
introduction: Eva Geulen, Andrea Krauss, Elisabeth Strowick

Political struggles often have a strong connection with artistic practices. This is particularly true for modern German culture, which cannot be fully understood without considering the diverse elements of its society. Examples range from hip-hop and Kanak Attack to the post-migrant movement, including stage occupations, new literary forms, and the history of artistic empowerment. However, art is not inherently progressive. The growing right-wing movement in Germany is also creating its own artistic expressions and discussing art in its own terms, as seen in the anti-woke debate. This conference aims to explore these dynamics. Sasha Salzmann, Max Czollek, and René Aguigah will come together to reflect on the current state of affairs, examining unfulfilled hopes, what still remains, and the possible directions for the future.

The talk is a cooperation between NYU Berlin and ZfL and opens the conference Finstere Zeiten / Dark Times. Diagnostics of the Present at NYU Berlin.



Fig. above: Warren de la Rue: Solar Eclipse June 18th, 1860 (detail)