Summer School
15 Aug 2022 – 19 Aug 2022

Aesthetic Possibilities: Literature, Rhetoric, Philosophy

Venue: Yale University

Berkeley-Köln-Yale Summer School Aesthetic Possibilities: Literature, Rhetoric, Philosophy on “Writing and Reading Scenes”, 15–19 Aug 2022

In recent years, the terms “writing scenes” and more recently “reading scenes” have described a group of praxeologically oriented approaches to literary studies that expand and rethink traditional concepts of text and authorship. These attempts of reformatting our concepts of literature consider both inner-literary scenes of writing and reading and specific processes of writing, as well as the networks of literary production, distribution, and reception. They take into account the institutional and anti-institutional factors of literature as well as its media-technological and pedagogical frameworks and point to the relationship between literature and critique as well as literature and the archive. Through a number of case studies, the summer school will explore the methodological and theoretical presuppositions as well as possible applications of the concepts “writing and reading scenes.”

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Academic Staff: Rüdiger Campe (Yale University), Eva Geulen (ZfL), Niklaus Largier (UC Berkeley), Anja Lemke (Universität zu Köln), Carlos Spoerhase (Universität Bielefeld)

The literary scholar Eva Geulen is the Director of the ZfL, executive board member of the Centers for Advanced Studies in the Humanities Berlin, and Professor for European Culture and the History of Knowledge at the Institute for Cultural History and Theory of the Humboldt University of Berlin.