Reading and talk
20 Sep 2023 · 7.00 pm

Franziska Thun-Hohenstein: Das Leben schreiben. Warlam Schalamow: Biografie und Poetik

Venue: Max-Lingner-Haus, Beatrice-Zweig-Straße 2, 13156 Berlin

Reading and book presentation on Das Leben schreiben. Warlam Schalamow: Biografie und Poetik at the Max-Lingner-Stiftung

The longed-for recognition remained denied to the writer Warlam Shalamov throughout his life. His main work, which reflects the events in the forced labor camps of the Gulag at the cold pole of the earth, was published posthumously after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Shalamov lived in a period of Russian history marked by ruptures and losses, in which hardly anyone was able to escape the threatening power of politics. Poetry became his means of resistance. In this first comprehensive biography, Franziska Thun-Hohenstein gives a gripping account of Shalamov’s life and work, without subordinating them to a simple logic of development.

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Moderation: Wladislaw Hedeler

The slavist Franziska Thun-Hohenstein is a senior fellow at the ZfL with the project Varlam Shalamov: Biography and Poetics and editor of the Varlam Shalamov Edition.