24 Jun 2021 – 27 Jun 2021

“Georgiens erste Republik 1918–1921: Geschichte.Literatur.Kunst” Festival with Zaal Andronikashvili a.o.

Venue: Livestream
Research project(s): Literature in Georgia

Online festival dedicated to Georgian history, literature, and art, organized by the Writers’ House of Georgia in collaboration with Lettrétage and the Unesco project World Book Capital

The festival is commemorating three anniversaries: the period of the first democratic republic of Georgia from 1918–1921, the 100th anniversary of the Soviet occupation and the 30th anniversary of the restoration of independence in 1991. The festival focuses on long-standing cultural, literary and political German-Georgian relations.

The program will bring together Georgian and German authors, artists, and scholars to discuss the political and cultural history of the Democratic Republic of Georgia and its significance today. They will discuss Georgia’s role in the global political context, the legacy of Stalin’s purges and the Soviet era as a whole, as well as the cultural upswing Georgia has experienced in the last 30 years.
The festival will also focus on the perception and role of women since the First Republic of Georgia, Georgian literature between empowerment and repression through Soviet censorship, and the Georgian avant-garde.

The festival will open with German and Georgian musical compositions and arrangements by the Giorgi Kiknadze trio.
Luka Nachkebia from Chef Cave will also talk about the origin of Georgian dishes and Georgia’s culinary culture.

Livestream: All events will be streamed live on the Lettrétage facebook page.
Concept and idea: Maiko Danelia and Nino Nadibaidze
Artistic advice: Zaal Andronikaschvili and Lascha Bakradse
Support: Konrad Adenauer Foundation Georgia, Goethe Institut Georgia, Embassy of Georgia in the Federal Republic of Germany, Frankfurt Book Fair, Giorgi Leonidze State Museum of Georgia, Georgian National Museum

The literary scholar Zaal Andronikashvili is research associate at the ZfL with the project Literature in Georgia. Between Small Literature and World Literature.


Thursday, 24 Jun 2021

Festival opening

Demokratische Republik Georgiens – Die Wiederentdeckung
Participants: Zaal Andronikashvili, Lascha Bakradse

Zwischen Tbilisi und Santa Esperanza
Participants: Aka Morchiladze
Moderation: Stefan Weidle

Wie sich ein Jahrhundert georgischer Geschichte in einer Familie spiegelt: Ein Gespräch mit Nino Haratischwili über ihren großen Roman “Das achte Leben (für Brilka)”
Participants: Nino Haratischwili
Moderation: Tilman Spreckelsen

Giorgi Kiknadze Trio – Georgian and German Songbook

Friday, 25 Jun 2021

Georgischer Schauspieler in Deutschland
Participants: Merab Ninidze
Moderation: Lasha Bakradze

Sozialismus auf Georgisch zwischen Literatur und Politik
Participants: Giorgi Maisuradze, Luka Nakhutsrischwili
Moderation: Zaal Andronikashvili

Participants: Salome Benidze
Moderation: Doris Akrap

Die verlorene Mitte der Welt – Georgien
Participants: Stephan Wackwitz
Moderation: Zaal Andronikashvili

Georgische Literatur vor dem Hintergrund der sowjetischen Zensur
Participants: Alexander Kartozia
Moderation: Ralf Schock

Saturday, 26 Jun 2021

Große “kleine” Literatur zwischen Selbstbehauptung und Übermacht
Participants: Kristiane Lichtenfeld
Moderation: Tilman Spreckelsen

Die Chancen der georgischen Literatur in Ausland
Participants: Anna Kordzaia-Samadaschwili
Moderation: Lascha Bakradse

Ein Alpinist des Geistes – Zur Erinnerung an Giwi Margwelaschwili
Participants: Ulrich Noethen, Naira Gelaschwili, Alexander Kartozia, Jörg Sundermeier
Moderation: Cornelia Zetzsche
Reading: Ulrich Noethen
Discussion: Mit Naira Gelaschwili, Alexander Kartozia, Jörg Sundermaier
Film clips: Kerstin Nickig
Original sounds: Cornelia Zetzsche

Deutsch-Georgisches Kulturmosaik 1918–1921
Participants: Ana Margvelaschwili, Barbara von Munchhausen
Moderation: Stefan Meister

Sunday, 27 Jun 2021

Die Tbilisier Avantgarde und die Georgische Moderne. Kunstleben um 1920
Participants: Philomena Grassley, Nino Choghoshvili
Moderation: Zaal Andronikashvili

Literarische Reisen von Tbilisi in den Kaukasus
Participants: Katja Petrowskaja, Kat Menschik, Abo Iashagashvili
Moderation: Zaal Andronikashvili

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