Panel discussion
17 Sep 2021 · 4.30 pm

Pola Groß a.o.: Adressiert & erreicht? (2) Vom Umgang mit Institutionenskepsis in Lyrik und Wissenschaft

Panel discussion as part of the conference eins: zum andern – ein Gesprächsexperiment zwischen Lyrik und Wissenschaft, organized by Netzwerk Lyrik e.V. in Munich, 16–18 Sep 2021

Between the words ‘institution’ and ‘skepticism’ there seem to be almost magnetic forces of attraction. Science and poetry are equally exposed to these forces. Both foster an active relationship to critical thinking traditions that also questions the role of institutions. At the same time, they are themselves perceived as ‘institutions’ and their overall credibility (and relevance) is questioned ever more broadly. Needless to say, neither ‘poetry’ nor ‘science’ are monoliths: in their various manifestations, they themselves repeatedly face skeptical judgment from ‘institutions,’ usually with tangible practical and financial consequences. How do poetry and science deal with this confluence?

Discussion: Matthias Fechner, Pola Groß, Swantje Lichtenstein, Christian Schloyer

Moderation: Anja Utler

The literary scholar Pola Groß is a research associate with the project Style and Kitsch around 1900 and for the project Style. Past and Present.