17 Feb 2013 – 20 Feb 2013

Stages of Knowledge, Spaces of Faith. Allegory, New Science and Baroque Theater

Venue: Tel Aviv and Bar Ilan


Sunday, 17.02.2013
Tel Aviv University

Rivka Feldhay: Greetings

09.30–11.00 Passions and Allegories in French Ballet
Ronnie Mirkin: Passions and Machines in French baroque performing arts. Corneill's Andromade

Dandan Mathiuk: Allegory as writing. From organic to syntetic unity in the French court ballet

11.15–12.45 Thought and Detour
Ori Rotlevy: Benjamin, Descartes, and Scholasticism. A discourse on method and detour

Dikla Bytner: A few thoughts concerning Leibnitz odd thought

14.15–15.45 Haunted Spaces
Tali Frastai: Capital-ism. The baroque capital city as allegory

Ilit Ferber: The ghost

Monday, 18.02.2013
Tel Aviv University

09.15–10.45 Between Tragedy and Fantasy
Eli Friedlander: Types, the everyday and fantasy in Benjamin

Daniel Weidner: Judgment Day on Stage

Dov Stuczynski: TBA

Dorit Tanai: Galileo and the Sound of Mathematics

14.00–16.00 Open discussion on the publication

Tuesday, 19.02.2013
Bar Ilan University

Oren Harman, Rivka Feldhay: Greetings

09.30–11.30 Introduction
Daniel Weidner, Raz Chen Morris: Stages of Knowledge

Daniel Weidner: Proof and Play. Performing knowledge in German baroque conversation literature

Raz Chen-Morris: The King's Two Minds

Claude Haas: Performing mourning in the 17th century drama

Aurelia Kalisky: Staged justice. The Chambers of the edict of Nantes during the French wars of religion

Bjorn Quiring: The production of theatrical and extra theatrical evidence in Shakespeare’s Othello

Wednesday, 20.02.2013
Bar Ilan University

Dror Worman: TBA

Matthias Däumer: All hell's a stage. The dramatization of the Visio Tnugdali in Jesuit theater

Lea Dovav: TBA

14.30–16.30 Discussion on the project