27 May 2021 · 10.30 am

Wenn die Geschichte die Literatur einholt (workshop with Matthias Schwartz and Viktor Martinowitsch)

Venue: online via Zoom
Research project(s): World Fiction, Post/Socialist

Virtual workshop of the ABDOS (Association of Libraries and Documentation Centers for East, East Central and Southeastern European Studies) as part of “Leipzig liest extra,” an event of Leipzig Book Fair

A workshop on current dystopian writing, moderated by Sophia Manns-Süßbrich

More and more quickly, the technical and ideological designs of science fiction seem to be becoming reality. Comparing fictional, technological achievements in science fiction literature with later actual developments has been en vogue at least since Jules Verne and the steampunk movement. Promising devices, means of transportation and the like from (anti-)utopian and science fiction novels can actually be found in our present. But when the actual catastrophes occur, as described by authors like Martinowitsch in Mova, things start becoming uncomfortable. And then, as in Topol’s Devil’s Workshop, can the industry of “memory culture” take on a capitalist life of its own and pervert the actual subject? It is about time to discuss this ... Also the current events in Belarus and the pandemic give enough reason for debate.

The slavist and historian Matthias Schwartz is head of the program area World Literature and of the project World Fiction, Post/Socialist.