“Infrastructures of Intimacy and the Deplatforming of Sex”
Lecture by Susanna Paasonen

Lecture by Susanna Paasonen (University of Turku) as part of the online lecture series Intimacy, moderated by Ben Miller and Georg Dickmann, with an introduction by Peter Rehberg, 11 Feb 2021

see videos on the ICI Berlin website

Susanna Paasonen has also published a written version of the talk on her website:
intimate dependencies, fragile connections, sexless platforms

In cooperation of the ICI Berlin, the ZfL research project Neighborhood in Contemporary Berlin Literature and the Schwules Museum, part of the public program of the exhibition Intimacy: New Queer Art from Berlin and Beyond.

Videos: © ICI Berlin


Susanna Paasonen: Infrastructures of Intimacy and the Deplatforming of Sex

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