ZfL Literature Days 2015: “Feste Feiern. Exzess und Ritual in der Gegenwartsliteratur”

ZfL Literature Days with readings, lectures, and talks at the Literaturhaus Berlin, from 20–21 Nov 2015

The literature days focus on both the public festival and the family celebration, the festive act as well as the event, the ‘Spaßgesellschaft’ as well as the unacknowledged religious foundation of today’s festivities. In this context, festival and ritual are of interest not only as objects, but also as a condition of literature. After all, writing itself knows its ritual moments—and ultimately, celebration in the form of award ceremonies, publisher’s receptions, and festivals is also a constant factor of literary life.

Pictures: © Matthias Stief

Feste Feiern. Exzess und Ritual in der Gegenwartsliteratur

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