“Stahlgewitter und Mucketier”
Radio feature with Anja Keith and Detlev Schöttker

Anja Keith and Detlev Schöttker talk about the correspondence between Gretha and Ernst Jünger on Deutschlandfunk, Lesart, 8 Nov 2021

The correspondence contains numerous unknown details about their biographies, the writings of Ernst Jünger and contemporary history. Except premarital correspondence, all letters were written while one of them was traveling or abroad. They are mostly handwritten letters, in many cases several pages long. Compiling all of these letters would have resulted in a 4,000-page volume—without any scholarly appendix. While this is not feasible in the foreseeable future, it is also not essential for Jünger research since many letters concern the organization of everyday life. The editors, Anja Keith and Detlev Schöttker, have therefore decided, in consultation with the publishing house Klett-Cotta (Stuttgart), to produce a curated edition.


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