Eva Geulen, Claude Haas (ed./eds.)

Der Stil der Literaturwissenschaft
Sonderheft der Zeitschrift für deutsche Philologie
[The Style of Literary Studies]

Vol. 140
Erich Schmidt Verlag, Berlin 2021, 336 pages
ISBN 978-3-503-20679-7 (Print); 978-3-503-20680-3 (eBook)

Do literary studies have a style? Maybe even more than one? Or none at all? Do those authors who primarily deal with various phenomena of literary style in different ways (be it historical, immanent, sociocritical, media-historical or otherwise) foster a relationship with their own writing? Would it be appropriate to ask them this question?

The authors under scrutiny in this issue cannot answer any of these questions as they have all passed away. However, living scholars have followed our invitation to analyze the texts of those who are no longer among us, focusing specifically on questions of style. The result of this experiment gives us double insight into past and present preferences in style, including a few surprisingly new perspectives and emphases. There was no aim for completeness; rather, these contributions are case studies in personal and group styles. They are framed by reflections on the historical conditions of authorization of style for prose as well as on style communities online.


Bücher im Gespräch

Episode 14: Stil

For our podcast, Pola Groß and Claude Haas talk about their co-edited volumes Neue Nachbarschaften: Stil und Social Media in der Gegenwartsliteratur [New Neighborhoods: Style and Social Media in Contemporary Literature] and Der Stil der Literaturwissenschaft [The Style of Literary Studies]. [in German]