Pola Groß, Manuela Günter, Nicolas Pethes (ed./eds.)

Kathrin Röggla

TransLIT 4 (2019)
Verlag der Buchhandlung Klaus Bittner, Köln 2020, 170 pages
ISBN: 978-3-926397-46-1

TransLIT 2019—the TransLIT-Lectureship of the Department of German Language and Literature I at the University of Cologne seeks to initiate a productive discussion about the rules and creative processes central to the translation of literature into another—visual, acoustic or audio-visual—medium. At the same time, it is an exploration of the aesthetic potential that is thus released. In 2019 the Berlin-based Austrian author Kathrin Röggla was a fellow at the University of Cologne. Since the mid-nineties, she has been writing texts that boldly cross media boundaries. Her transgressive style of writing is characterized by a constant experimentation with forms of literature on the one hand, and with formats of social theory on the other.

Kathrin Röggla lives in Berlin and writes poetry, radio plays, essays, film and theatre texts.


25 Jun 2019 · 8.00 pm

Wo kommen wir hin – Widerstand der Ästhetik (Introduction by Pola Groß)

Studiobühne Köln, Universitätstraße 16a, 50937 Köln

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