Hannes Bajohr, Sebastian Edinger (ed./eds.)

Negative Anthropologie
Ideengeschichte und Systematik einer unausgeschöpften Denkfigur
[Negative Anthropology: History of an Idea and the Systematics of an Untapped Concept]

Philosophische Anthropologie, vol. 12
de Gruyter, Berlin/Boston 2021, 304 pages
ISBN 978-3-11-071687-0 (Print); 978-3-11-071701-3 (PDF)

The volume is a collection of historical and systematic essays on the concept of a negative anthropology. The systemic roots of this idea extend back to the 19th century (Hegel, Feuerbach, Nietzsche). The essays examine the previously uncodified terminological basis of negative anthropology in analyses of various 20th-century approaches (e.g. Plessner, Anders, Arendt).