Sebastian Hackenschmidt, Roland Innerhofer, Detlev Schöttker (ed./eds.)

Planen – Wohnen – Schreiben
Architekturtexte der Wiener Moderne
[Planning – Living – Writing. Architectural Texts of Viennese Modernism]

Picus Verlag, Wien 2021, 200 pages
ISBN 978-3-7117-2113-6

‘Viennese Modernism’ has become an established brand of cultural history. It equally refers to philosophy, the sciences, and the arts. However, it does particularly focus on literature, architecture, and interior design. Nevertheless, the aesthetic innovations developed in Viennese Modernism have not been sufficiently examined: texts by writers and architects on questions of urban planning, home furnishing, and urban life have yet to be discussed in their correlations and interrelationships. This volume aims at accomplishing just that. It includes discussions on documents, plans, drawings, and buildings by Camillo Sitte, Otto Wagner, Adolf Loos, Josef Hoffmann, Felix Salten, Peter Altenberg, Josef Frank, Oskar Strnad, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Robert Musil, and others. The volume features around 70 images as well as a facsimile of Adolf Loos’s Wohnungswanderungen, a brochure which is no longer available.

Media Response

21 Aug 2023
Planen – Wohnen – Schreiben. Architekturtexte derWiener Moderne

Review by Thomas Wegmann, in: Musil-Forum 37 (2021/2022), 335–339

01 Jan 2023
Planen – Wohnen – Schreiben. Architekturtexte der Wiener Moderne

Review by Anja Gerigk, in: Zeitschrift für Germanistik, Neue Folge XXXIII (2023), 450–451