Mona Körte, Judith Elisabeth Weiss

Randgänge des Gesichts
Kritische Perspektiven auf Sichtbarkeit und Entzug
[(Con)touring the Face: Critical Perspectives on Visibility and Withdrawal]

Wilhelm Fink Verlag, München 2017, 359 pages
ISBN: 978-3-7705-6064-6

Anyone who thinks about faces generally deals with their appearance, presence, and receptivity. This book offers a different perspective. It directs attention to theoretical, pictorial and literary positions in which the face is avoided and excluded. Deleted, emptied, shadowed, fragmented, turned-around, and distorted faces lie epistemologically at the boundary of the recognizable. A comprehensive history of the face has been made impossible by multiple meanings, desires, and associations linked to the face that have developed over hundreds of years, which prioritize visbility. This book draws attention, therefore, to moments of rupture in religious, scientific, literary, and art history, when the relationships of facial signs and the process of imaging takes on new forms.