Mona Körte, Judith Elisabeth Weiss

Randgänge des Gesichts
Kritische Perspektiven auf Sichtbarkeit und Entzug
[(Con)Touring the Face: Critical Perspectives on Visibility and Withdrawal]

Wilhelm Fink Verlag, München 2017, 359 pages
ISBN 978-3-7705-6064-6

Thinking about faces usually means dealing with their appearance, presence, and receptivity. This book offers a different perspective. It focusses on theoretical, pictorial, and literary positions in which the face is virtually avoided and excluded. Epistemologically, these deleted, emptied, shadowed, fragmented, twisted, or distorted faces lie at the boundary of the recognizable. A comprehensive history of the face has been obstructed by manifold interpretations, expectations, desires and ascriptions that have focused on the face for centuries. This book draws attention to religious, scientific, literary, and art-historical caesura that give shape to new kinds of relations between facial signs and imaging.