Dirk Naguschewski (ed./eds.)

[Publications by Karlheinz Barck (1934–2012)]

Berlin 2019, 29 pages
DOI 10.13151/IJ.2019.13

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This issue of Interjekte presents the first complete list of Karlheinz Barck’s publications.

Karlheinz “Carlo” Barck, born in Quedlinburg in 1934, was one of the few Romance philologists from the GDR who already enjoyed international esteem even before the fall of the Berlin Wall. His contributions to the history of Spanish and French literary modernism, to the history of literary studies and to aesthetics were recognized internationally. As a researcher of the Zentralinstitut für Literaturgeschichte der Akademie der Wissenschaften der DDR (the predecessor of the ZfL), he was one of the key initiators of Ästhetische Grundbegriffe, a dictionary project exploring the history of aesthetic concepts. Until his passing in 2012, he profoundly influenced work at the ZfL with his encyclopaedic erudition, intellectual curiosity and open nature.

DOI 10.13151/IJ.2019.13