Tatjana Petzer (ed./eds.)

Slawische Variationen
[Immortality. Slavic Variations]

Matthes & Seitz, Berlin 2021, 495 pages
ISBN 978-3-75180-343-4

Can death be overcome? Can humanity become immortal? Since Modernity, new findings and research in the natural and life sciences have created a new consciousness for mortality and transience. They have also led to new ideas on the prolongation of life and have put physical immortality to the test. Pioneering findings and concepts by Slavic authors were not only incorporated into contemporary debates, they have also brought forth their own visions and technologies with their own culture-specific signatures. With the development of experimental disciplines such as medical cybernetics, robotics, and quantum physics, they have encountered possibilities for the dissolution of the boundaries of life. Today, these positions and research movements are programmatically rooted within the discipline of immortology. From Porfiry Bakhmetiev to Dmitry Itskov, from Maxim Gorky to Borislav Pekić an impressive line-up of Slavic-language researchers, visionaries, and writers have formulated their unique, speculative, and fruitful perspectives on human life and immortality.


Bücher im Gespräch
Episode 11: Unsterblichkeit

For our podcast, Tatjana Petzer talked to Martin Treml about the volume.
(in German)

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