Ohad Parnes, Keith R. Benson (Hg.)

History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences

  • Vol. 31, No. 2
  • 161 Jan Sapp, Transcending Darwinism: Thinking Laterally on the Tree of Life
  • 183 Staffan Müller-Wille, The Dark Side of Evolution: Caprice, Deceit, Redundancy
  • 201 Stefan Willer, “Imitation of Similar Beings”: Social Mimesis as an Argument in Evolutionary Theory around 1900
  • 215 Peter Berz, The Eyes of the Olms
  • 241 Jonathan Marks, What is the Viewpoint of Hemoglobin, and Does it Matter?
  • 263 Winfried Menninghaus, Biology à la mode: Charles Darwin’s Aesthetics of “Ornament”
  • 279 Margarete Vöhringer, Behavioural Research, the Museum Darwinianum and Evolutionism in Early Soviet Russia
  • 295 Gerhard Scharbert, Freud and Evolution


Jahrestagung des ZfL
30.10.2008 – 02.11.2008 · 01.00 Uhr

Kultur der Evolution. Rethinking evolutionary theory from the perspective of cultural studies

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