04.03.2005 – 05.03.2005 · 15.00 Uhr

Cinematographies: Fictional strategies and visual discourses in 1990s

Ort: ZfL, Jägerstr. 10/11, 10117 Berlin, R. 06
ZfL-Projekt(e): Stadträume


Friday, March 4

15:00 Opening of the Workshop

15:15 Peter Brooker (Nottingham): Terrorism and Counternarratives. Don DeLillo and the New York Urban Imaginary

16:30–17:00 Coffee

17:00 Steven Jacobs (Ghent): From flâneur to Chauffeur: Driving Through Cinematic Cities

17:45 Kim Förster (Berlin): ABC No Rio’s Oppositional Spatiality and Iconography: A Study of the Politics of Space, Community and Art

18:30–19:00 Coffee

19:00 Kristiaan Versluys (Ghent): Art Spiegelman’s In the Shadow of No Towers or 9/11 and the Holocaust

Saturday, March 5

10:00 Holger Henke (New York): Brooklyn Babylon: The Reproduction and Consumption of Cosmological and Epistemological Space in New York City

11:00–11:30 Coffee

11:30 Karl-Heinz Magister (Berlin): Trans-Carribean CinematoGraphic Narratives in Jamaican Urban Diasporas

12:15 Günter H. Lenz (Berlin): New EthniCities: Recodifying Urban Spaces and Intercultural Translations in New York Fictions of the 1990s

13:00 Bart Keunen (Ghent): Idyllic Traces in the City of Dreadful Night

13:45–15:00 Lunch

15:00 Bart Eeckhout (Ghent): The Point of Getting Lost: Critical Reflections on a SoundwalkTM through Times Square

15:45 Dorothea Löbbermann (Berlin): Visualizations/Embodiments: Homelessness in New York City

16:30–17:00 Coffee

17:00 Antje Dallmann (Berlin): ConspiraCity: The Literary Discourse on an In/Visible New York

17:45 Jeroen Lievens (Ghent): The Woman at the Window: Spatial, Visual and Sexual Dislocation in Lynne Tillman’s No Lease on Life


Günter H. Lenz †, Dorothea Löbbermann, Karl Heinz Magister (Hg.)

Fictional strategies and visual discourses in 1990s New York City

Winter Verlag, Heidelberg 2006, 288 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-8253-5144-1