15.03.2024 – 16.03.2024

Political Novel in Historiographical and Sociological Perspective: Structures and Analogies

Ort: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Ul. Ivana Lučića 3, 10000, Zagreb / online

The workshop will address problematic relations between political novel and its critical, historiographical and sociological counterparts, as sets of complex signifying practices simultaneously forming particular configurations and exhibiting recurring patterns. In a series of mutually dependent theoretical discussions and case studies, discourses, narrative handlings of what is presumed to constitute material, types of representation (reality effect) and modes of veridiction (historical, novelistic, sociological) will be analysed in depth in order to map the competitive field where they contrast, intertwine, overlap, complement and legitimize each other.

The workshop will take place at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Zagreb, and online via Microsoft Teams.


Friday, 15 Mar 2024
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb, D4


  • Zrinka Božić (University of Zagreb): Opening Remarks
  • KEYNOTE Nenad Ivić (University of Zagreb): Giving Voice


  • Zvonimir Glavaš (University of Zagreb): First as a Tragedy, Then as some Other Figure: On Tropology of History and (Political) Novel
  • Tomislav Brlek (University of Zagreb): The Politics of Form in Historical Novel: Jonathan Littell (online)
  • Rossitsa Terzieva-Artemis (University of Nicosia): Narrativity and Politics in History and Literature (online)


  • Karlo Držaić (University of Zagreb): The Question of the Narrative in Historiography and Point of the Political
  • Milica Resanović (University of Belgrade): Disappearance or Transformation of the Committed Novel in the Post-Socialist Literary Field in Serbia (online)

Saturday, 16 Mar 2024
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb, D4


  • KEYNOTE Goran Pavlić (University of Zagreb): The Sociology of Novel – A Few Notes on Methodology


  • Mirela Dakić (University of Zagreb): Writing Between Genres: Hoggart, Bourdieu, Eribon
  • Ante Andabak (University of Zagreb): The Weber Brothers and Kafka on Bureaucracy – An Attempt at a Broader Marxist Understanding
  • Branimir Janković (University of Zagreb): The Polylogue between History, Literature and Sociology: A Retrospective View


  • Dean Duda (University of Zagreb): to be confirmed