Reading, talk & music in the GLITCHES series
17 May 2022 · 6.00 pm

GLITCHES #3: Elisa Aseva and Hanna Hamel followed by Alexandra Cárdenas

Venue: Museum für Kommunikation, Kaffeehaus, Leipziger Straße 16, 10117 Berlin
Contact: Hanna Hamel

GLITCHES. Readings, talks & music on (pop) cultural digitalization

“We are living in a computer-programmed reality [...] and the only clue we have to it is when some variable is changed, and some alteration in reality occurs.” (Philip K. Dick)

In readings, talks, and music, the three-part event series GLITCHES explores the specific disruptive phenomena in (pop) cultural digitalization—from deep fake and hyper irony to AI-produced music, social media literature, and live programmed algorithms.

‘Glitches’ are disruptions of the virtual world that make us doubt experienced reality: where does the matrix begin and where does it end? What is real, and what is a simulation? Are we living in a world that is generated by computers? As part of post-digital pop culture, the ‘glitch’ has been consciously employed as an aesthetic stylistic device in various art forms. But we are also continuously confronted with glitches in our everyday lives of laptop video calls and digital avatars, alter egos that will soon transfer our entire lives into the virtual meta matrix universe. The line between these ‘worlds’ becomes increasingly blurry. Who is still capable of telling the difference between machine-generated literature and music and manmade art? IS IT A GLITCH?!

A cooperation between the Museum of Communication Berlin and the ZfL project Neighborhood in Contemporary Berlin Literature as part of the exhibition #neuland. Ich, wir & die Digitalisierung.

The event is part of the series Spielräume der Gegenwartsliteratur organized by the research project Neighborhood in Contemporary Berlin Literature at the ZfL, which is held between April and June in cooperation with various partners in Berlin.


18.00 Introduction to the exhibition
#neuland. Ich, wir & die Digitalisierung

19.00 Reading & Talk
When do posts become poetry?

Platforms such as Facebook or Twitter are not only places for social exchange. They have also opened up new writing spaces for authors. Away from the literary scene’s traditional selection mechanisms through publishers or prizes, authors can use these platforms to find readers—and, in some cases, lots of readers. Elisa Aseva reads from her best posts which, at first, made her famous on Facebook. Last year, they were published in a book titled Über Stunden. With literary scholar Hanna Hamel (ZfL), she speaks about her work, her literature, and about writing on social media.

20.30 Concert
Alexandra Cárdenas Algo Rave

Alexandra Cárdenas is one of the pioneers of live coding in electro-acoustic music. She plays an important role in the Algorave scene where music is generated by algorithms. This extraordinary sensory experience makes code visible and audible: it combines the generatively and stochastically developed mix of techno and noise with the hypnotic acousmatic projections of codes.


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