Andrea Erwig, Sandra Fluhrer (ed./eds.)

Berühren. Relationen des Taktilen in Literatur, Philosophie und Theater
[To touch. Relations of the Tactile in Literature, Philosophy, and Theatre]

Komparatistik Online, Ausgabe 2019
Gießen 2019, 168 pages
ISSN 1864-8533

In the history of the senses, the sense of touch leads a shadowy existence. For a long time, it was overshadowed by the sense of sight. In cultural and media studies, the sense of touch and the act of touching have recently attracted new attention, but literary approaches are still a rarity.
The contributions in this volume present the tactile as a relational figure in which perception and affectation, imagery and the literal, comprehension and apprehension, ideality and materiality relate to one another. The volume also focusses on areas of perception, most of which were negotiated based on the primacy of the visual. Through new readings of literary and philosophical texts, the contributions propose an expansion of sensory references.