Genealogien. Konstellationen. Praktiken
[Cultural hero. Genealogies, constellations, practices]

LiteraturForschung Bd. 28
Kulturverlag Kadmos, Berlin 2017, 644 pages
ISBN 978-3-86599-316-8

Modernity produced a new symbol of collective identity: the cultural hero. In the modern world, poets, artists and teachers could suddenly assume an importance equal to religious and political leaders. Sometimes they even displaced the latter as figures of national authority. The authors of this volume examine this phenomenon through essays that look at individuals like Luther, Voltaire, Schiller, Wagner, Puškin, or Gagarin who achieved cult status as city founders, religious authorities or national poets. The authors are concerned as much with the emergence of the »cultural hero« as they are with his afterlife. Contributions address, in particular, the media techniques and cultural practices (like death makes, portraits, films and jubilee celebrations) that are pivotal to constituting the figure of the cultural hero at the intersection of culture, politics and faith.


26 Feb 2010 – 27 Feb 2010 · 1.00 am

Der Kulturheros – ein Paradigma zwischen Kult, Kultur und Politik

ZfL, Schützenstr. 18, 10117 Berlin, 3. Et., Seminarraum 303

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