Since April, the ZfL dedicates an important part of its efforts to its ANNUAL TOPIC: »DIVERSITY«.

Contributions to the research into literature and culture: our ZfL BLOG


10 Nov 2017

NEU on our BLOG: Stefan Willer sheds a light on the current state of Low German

Low German falls under the protection of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages. Stefan Willer discusses how this affects its use in literature and radio programs within the framework of diversity politics (in German).

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25 Oct 2017

JÜNGER DEBATTE is a new periodical that aims to advance critical debates on the Jünger brothers

»Jünger Debatte« is published by the »Ernst and Friedrich Georg Jünger Society« and co-edited by Detlev Schöttker (ZfL). The first issue focuses on Ernst Jünger and Judaism.

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24 Oct 2017

OUT NOW! A collection of essays, reviews and unpublished writings by Jacob Taubes

This volume contains writings by Jacob Taubes, some of which remained unpublished during his life time. They range from 1942 to 1987. Texts originally published in English were translated into German for this collection.

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10 Oct 2017

OUT NOW! A collection of essays on the ›holy text‹, ed. by Y. Almog, C. Sauter, and D. Weidner

The new issue of the ZfL online publication series INTERJEKTE aims to develop a theory of the holy text. The essays (in German) investigate readings, practices, and adaptations of ›holy texts‹ from different perspectives such as religious and literary studies, theology, and visual studies.

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29 Sep 2017

»Working group for the Cultural Study of Periodicals« now associate member of Eurozine

The »Working group for the Cultural Study of Periodicals« that is based at the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (KWI) in Essen and at the ZfL is now associate member of Eurozine.

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25 Sep 2017

NEW on our BLOG: Moritz Neuffer on Robert Stockhammer's book about 1967

Stockhammer engages with textual evidence of 1967, and Neuffer’s review illuminates the consequences of this approach for historiography (in German).

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The ZfL

The ZfL is a humanities institute for literary research in interdisciplinary contexts that draws from a cultural studies framework. Its methods also engage with the structural transformations within historical-hermeneutic subject areas that have taken place in recent decades. In contrast to the study of literature at universities, predominantly organized by nationality, the ZfL fosters a broad concept of literature, but also uses interdisciplinary tools to fundamentally question the etiology of various literary concepts, their potential for the future, and the relationship between literature and other arts or cultural practices. This is done in the four research areas History of Theory, World Literature, Knowledge of Life, and Tools of the Trade and Thought-Styles.

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22 Nov 2017 – 24 Nov 2017

Conference of the Institute of Jewish Studies in Antwerp
Citing Violence, Inciting Critique. Karl Kraus, 1933

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24 Nov 2017 – 25 Nov 2017

ZfL workshop at the Warburg-Haus Hamburg
Politische Ikonologie – Begriffsgeschichte – Epochenschwellen

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24 Nov 2017

Inheritance and Literature

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30 Nov 2017 – 01 Dec 2017

»Die Unfähigkeit zu trauern« – Ambivalenz und Aktualität. 50 Jahre danach

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12 Dec 2017

Lecture at the Museum für Kommunikation
Martin Treml (ZfL): Heilige Nacht. Ein religionskultureller Streifzug – nicht nur für Christen

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13 Dec 2017

Wednesday lecture
Sandra Richter (Stuttgart): Wie und zu welchem Ende schreibt man eine Weltgeschichte der deutschsprachigen Literatur?

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18 Dec 2017

Stascha Rohmer: Der Standpunkt der Erlösung. Adorno, Plessner und die Erkenntnistheorie

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11 Jan 2018 – 12 Jan 2018

Annual conference of the ZfL
Diversität darstellen

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16 Jan 2018

Lecture at the Museum für Kommunikation
Eva Geulen (ZfL): »O Nacht! Ich nahm schon Kokain«. Nacht und Drogen in der Literatur

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23 Jan 2018

Panel discussion
Kunstwerk als Handlung. Neue Zugänge zum Gegenwartstheater ausgehend von Hegels Ästhetik

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31 Jan 2018 – 01 Feb 2018

Bildvorlagen. Zwischen Ästhetik und Zweck

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31 Jan 2018

Lecture series Berliner Kulturwissenschaft at the HU Berlin
Stefan Willer: Überwachung. Zur Gegenwart und Geschichte einer Kultur-, Macht- und Selbsttechnik

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History of Theory

analyzes the genealogy of theory and develops innovative forms of historicizing it.

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World Literature

disusses the global interrelations of literature and its potential to shape the world.

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Knowledge of Life

investigates the knowlege of life in historical and interdisciplinary respects.

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Research Practices and Styles

gives our researchers a chance to reflect on practical issues in our in-house laboratory.

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