The ZfL

The ZfL is a humanities institute for literary research in interdisciplinary contexts that draws from a cultural studies framework. Its methods also engage with the structural transformations within historical-hermeneutic subject areas that have taken place in recent decades. In contrast to the study of literature at universities, predominantly organized by nationality, the ZfL fosters a broad concept of literature, but also uses interdisciplinary tools to fundamentally question the etiology of various literary concepts, their potential for the future, and the relationship between literature and other arts or cultural practices. This is done in the four research areas History of Theory, World Literature, Knowledge of Life, and Tools of the Trade and Thought-Styles.

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15 Mar 2017

Call for Papers: 7th International Summer Academy at the ZfL 2017
Genealogies of Diversity. Contexts and figurations of a controversial concept

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24 Mar 2017 – 26 Mar 2017

Walter Benjamin Nachwuchs-Workshop
Material and Concept. Working Methods and Theoretical Relations of Walter Benjamin

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27 Apr 2017 – 28 Apr 2017

Zu Protokoll. Theoriegeschichte und Ideenpolitik einer übersehenen Gattung

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09 Feb 2017
Call for Papers

Call for Papers: Walter Benjamin and Method: Re-thinking the Legacy of the Frankfurt School

IWBS Conference 2017 at the University of Oxford, 25th–27th Sept 2017

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09 Jan 2017

Coming Up: Survival, Iranian Style. Symposium – Debates – Performance

"Survival, Iranian Style": Three colleagues of the ZfL will participate in a symposium at the Radialsystem V. The event also contains debates and a performance and ist co-organized by Maryam Palizban, formerly of the ZfL.

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02 Jan 2017

New publication: ›Complicirte mannigfache Harmonie‹ Erinnerungen an Eberhard Lämmert, hg. v. Eva Geulen

Memories on Eberhard Lämmert: literary scholar, president of university, academic politician. Stations of his life in various perspectives. Publication in German.

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15 Dec 2016

Now online: new edition of the E-Journal FIB

The new edition of the E-Journal Forum Interdisziplinäre Begriffsgeschichte (FIB) 2/2016 (in German), edited by Ernst Müller, is now online.

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15 Dec 2016

Now online: Inaugural lectures of D. Weidner and St. Willer

The two inaugural lectures, »Entzauberung, Enttäuschung und Erwartungsrest« (Daniel Weidner) and »Vom Wünschen« (Stefan Willer), held at the Department of Cultural Studies, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin on June 9, 2016 are now online.

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16 Dec 2016
New Publication

New publication: Ränder des Archivs

The contributions of the volume published by Falko Schmieder and Daniel Weidner ask for the epistemic significance of the boundaries of the archive for the theory and practice of a historical cultural science in the present.

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History of Theory

analyzes the genealogy of theory and develops innovative forms of historicizing it.

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World Literature

disusses the global interrelations of literature and its potential to shape the world.

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Knowledge of Life

investigates the knowlege of life in historical and interdisciplinary respects.

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Tools of the Trade and Thought-Styles

gives our researchers a chance to reflect on practical issues in our in-house laboratory.

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