Beginning in April, the ZfL will dedicate an important part of its efforts to its new ANNUAL TOPIC: »DIVERSITY«.

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27 Jun 2017

NOW online: Radio program and audio recoding of Uta Kornmeiers lecture »Nach allen Regeln der Kunst«

In her lecture Uta Kornmeier speaks about the relation between cosmetic surgery and art. One of her examples is Michelangelo's »David«, the piece of art that is most mentioned in context of aesthetic surgery.

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27 Jun 2017

New publication: 2016 Annual report of the ZfL

The 2016 annual report contains all information on the research profile, colleagues, projects, library, events, guests, publications and lectures at the ZfL.

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20 Jun 2017

CONGRATULATIONS! Irina Sherbakova will be awarded the Goethe medal 2017

Irina Sherbakova, Russian civil rights activist and and honorary member of the ZfL, wild be awarded the prestigious Goethe medal. (Foto (c) Matthias Stief). Congratulations to her and the other two recipients.

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16 Jun 2017

NEW on our BLOG: Detlev Schöttker on his research project

With about 130.000 writings, Ernst Jünger's letter archive is one of the biggest private archives of its kind, and part of his biographical and literary estate. Detlev Schöttker explains how he works with the archive in his research project at the ZfL.

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06 Jun 2017

NEW on the net: ›Die Spuren vor den Bildern denken‹

Release of Interjekte No 10 (Open Access Publication of the ZfL). The speeches of Andreas Beyer, Sigrid Weigel and Peter Geimer were held in Nov/Dec 2016 on the occasion of the award presentation of the Aby Warburg Prize to Sigrid Weigel.

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01 Jun 2017

NEW on the net: Die Wiederkehr der Religionen und die Kulturwissenschaften

Release of Interjekte No 9 (Open Access Publication of the ZfL). The lectures published here were held in October 2015 at the annual conference of the ZfL.

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The ZfL

The ZfL is a humanities institute for literary research in interdisciplinary contexts that draws from a cultural studies framework. Its methods also engage with the structural transformations within historical-hermeneutic subject areas that have taken place in recent decades. In contrast to the study of literature at universities, predominantly organized by nationality, the ZfL fosters a broad concept of literature, but also uses interdisciplinary tools to fundamentally question the etiology of various literary concepts, their potential for the future, and the relationship between literature and other arts or cultural practices. This is done in the four research areas History of Theory, World Literature, Knowledge of Life, and Tools of the Trade and Thought-Styles.

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28 Jun 2017

Wednesday lecture
Ulrich Bröckling (Freiburg): Postheroische Helden. Ein Zeitbild

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29 Jun 2017 – 30 Jun 2017

Ethical Idealism, Charisma, and Cultural Critique: Prophetic Politics in the Weimar Republic

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05 Jul 2017

Panel discussion
1917 … 2017. Gedenken an Revolution und Terror im öffentlichen Raum

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06 Jul 2017

Workshop at the FU Berlin
Das Eigenleben der Dinge. Beseelung und Belebtheit bei Felisberto Hernández

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11 Jul 2017

Lecture at the Museum für Kommunikation
Stephanie Eichberg (ZfL): Schockbilder und subversive Reklame. Werbekampagnen der anderen Art

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13 Jul 2017 – 14 Jul 2017

Joint workshop of the ZfL and the Marbach Weimar Wolfenbüttel Research Association
Zeitschriften als Netzwerke. Perspektiven digitaler Erforschung und Darstellung

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20 Jul 2017

Book presentation at the editorial office of Merkur Berlin
Die Poesie der Klasse. Romantischer Antikapitalismus und die Erfindung des Proletariats

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09 Oct 2017 – 12 Oct 2017

7th International Summer Academy at the ZfL 2017
Genealogies of Diversity. Contexts and figurations of a controversial concept

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24 Nov 2017 – 25 Nov 2017

ZfL workshop at the Warburg-Haus (Hamburg)
Politische Ikonologie – Begriffsgeschichte – Epochenschwellen

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History of Theory

analyzes the genealogy of theory and develops innovative forms of historicizing it.

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World Literature

disusses the global interrelations of literature and its potential to shape the world.

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Knowledge of Life

investigates the knowlege of life in historical and interdisciplinary respects.

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Research Practices and Styles

gives our researchers a chance to reflect on practical issues in our in-house laboratory.

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