Kerstin Wilhelms, Immanuel Nover, Eva Stubenrauch, Anna Seidel, Melanie Schiller, Matthias Schaffrick, Christoph Jürgensen, Jan-Peter Herbst, Lea Espinoza Garrido, Thomas Ernst, Moritz Baßler

Rammsteins »Deutschland«
Pop – Politik – Provokation
[Rammstein’s “Germany.” Pop – Politics – Provocation]

Essays zur Gegenwartsästhetik
J.B. Metzler, Berlin 2022, 187 pages
ISBN 978-3-662-64766-0

Rammstein provoke. In their songs and music videos, the band plays with different double entendres concerning German history, testing the boundaries of what can be sung and said. An especially prominent example is their single “Deutschland,” an (anti?)hymn to the nation. In their cineastically bombastic music video, the band members take on the roles of concentration camp prisoners and SS officers, among others. Just another spectacle? Or is it a political stance? With Rammstein, the relationship between politics and pop music becomes visible in its many different dimensions.

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04 Jun 2023
Eiertanz ums Eiserne Kreuz

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