The ZfL BLOG emerged from the working group Blogging Humanities in 2017. The blog enables the ZfL to interact dynamically and flexibly with today’s most pressing questions and issues. This is an essential part of the institute’s mission and as a subscriber and supporter of the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities, we aim to allow the public free access to our publicly funded research projects.

The contributions to the blog, which appear at irregular intervals (approx. 30 per year), are written by colleagues working at the institute as well as by guest contributors from around the world. Most of the contributions are written in German, some in English. Different sections of the blog respond to different topics: AD HOC reacts to questions of contemporary urgency; EINBLICK provides information about current research projects; LEKTÜREN offers readings of and responses to specific texts; SAG MAL! features profiles on individual researchers at the institute. The blog also addresses topics related to the institute’s Annual Topics (Jahresthemen).